In Solidarity 2019

Thank you for joining this generative gathering for healing, opportunity, and justice for girls in 2017


The leadership & experiences of youth participants under the age of 25 created a space that prioritized girls’ voices and placed their experiences as the starting point for creating change.


Convened together to advance the needs and potential of girls and young women who live at the margins of the American dream. Participants built and strengthened relationships & alliances in the movement
for girls.


Participants explored diverse and innovative ways to support health, economic security and civic engagement for girls and young women that are creative, intersectional and two or multigenerational.


From Deep Dive Learning to Innovation In Motion to Front Porch Conversations to Plenary Sessions – each learning opportunity was designed to bring participants together to learn, strategize and connect.

Download the recap of our 2017 In Solidarity We Rise conference.
See list of 2017’s Speakers and Panelists.

In Solidarity 2017 T-Shirts

The official In Solidarity 2017 t-shirt designed by Ebony Morris is back! Whether you were at In Solidarity 2017 or not, now you can wear your #Solidarity4Girls on your sleeve with this exclusive design. Grab one for yourself or a likeminded friend! Available in unisex sizes SM-3XL.

In Solidarity is More Than a Conference

Core to In Solidarity is the leadership and engagement of girls and young women, and the use of a variety of approaches to learning, strategizing and connecting that are creative, intersectional, and two or multigenerational.

In Solidarity focuses on:

  • HEALING – Understanding the root causes of trauma and discovering new pathways to well being.
  • OPPORTUNITY – Exploring diverse and innovative ways to support health, economic security and civic engagement for girls.
  • JUSTICE – Catalyzing and strengthening the justice reform for girls’ movement.

In Solidarity provides a diverse array of opportunities to learn and connect through Deep Dive Learning and Innovation in Motion sessions, along with Front Porch Conversations. In addition the Self Care Room and the Un Exhibit Hall provides opportunities for respite and inspiration throughout the event.

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Conference News

Thank You – In Solidarity

October 24, 2017
Nearly two weeks ago we were all together in DC on the closing day of In Solidarity. We didn’t want another day to go by without thanking you all for coming and for making it a shining example of the best of what the movement…

Healing & Self Care Room

September 28, 2017
Harriet’s Apothecary is an intergenerational, healing village led by the brilliance and wisdom of Black Cis Women, Queer, Gender Non-conforming, and Trans healers, artists, health professionals…

Art, Writing & Justice

September 27, 2017
We are pleased to announce Deep Dive Learning Sessions: Justice, Safety, and Solidarity for Trans Women & Girls; and Girl Power: Using Art to End Violence Against Girls With A Long Walk…