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More Than 130 Years in Operation

The National Crittenton Foundation (TNCF) advances the self-empowerment, health, economic security and civic engagement of girls and young women impacted by violence, childhood adversity, and trauma. TNCF and the Crittenton family of agencies are united through this shared mission.

After more than a century in operation, our updated mission focuses on supporting the resilience that enables young women and their families to break the Vicious Cycle ©.

This sharpened focus on root causes and cross-system approaches, supports the attainment of our vision in which, “All girls, young women and their families have the opportunity to achieve their unique potential and thrive.”

We know that with the right opportunities and support girls and young women survivors can heal, break destructive cycles, and transform their lives. TNCF’s goals are to ensure that every girl and young woman survivor of childhood adversity, violence and trauma can:

  • BELIEVE in her ability to succeed and thrive;
  • ACHIEVE long-term health and economic security;
  • EMPOWER herself, becoming a force for change.

Most often invisible and marginalized by their families, communities, and by the systems charged with their care, they live at the intersection of sexism, classism, racism, and more. Impacted by the juvenile justice, child welfare, mental health and homeless and runaway youth “systems,” they come from family legacies of multiple generations of addiction, mental health issues, violence, incarceration and poverty. Many are young mothers, and far too many have been domestically trafficked for sex.

Facing obstacles created through no fault of their own, survivors of childhood abuse, neglect, violence, and family dysfunction, strive to build healthy, productive lives, while healing from complex trauma. As a force for positive change, in the face of daunting challenges, they are tenacious, courageous, and resilient “sheroes.”

The Vicious Cycle ©

Building on the resilience of young women.

The Vicious Cycle© helps us better understand and visualize the interconnection between what is most often viewed as separate cycles of generational adverse experience, trauma, poor outcomes, and poverty.


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Our Model

Looking forward, grounded in the lessons of a rich history.

As a national organization that has been “doing the work” for 132 years, we have a responsibility to answer the questions presented by the fact that we are still supporting the same population.