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Celebrating a Legacy and Looking Forward

Grounded in the lessons of a rich history

As a national organization that has been “doing the work” for 132 years, we have a responsibility to answer the questions presented by the fact that we are still supporting the same population. We are challenged to be introspective, to speak the truth, to be transparent, and to “get it right” this time. The cost to girls, young women, their families, communities, and our country, is too great to ignore.

The following summarizes our model:

  • Young Women Leading
    The leadership and experience of young women and women currently or formerly involved in Crittenton agencies is essential to achieving personal, community, system, and social transformation.
  • Defying Violence and Adversity
    The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE), violence, and other experiences that trigger complex trauma cannot be underestimated. Neither can the ability of girls and young women to defy and overcome it.
  • Eradicating Oppression
    Combatting the intersectionality of racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of internal and external oppression is crucial to the ability of girls and young women to believe in, and achieve, their goals.
  • Maximizing Collective Impact
    The complexity of the issues facing girls requires collaborative work across systems, fields, communities, and issues, to reach maximum collective impact.
  • Supporting Multiple Generations
    Supporting two or more generations of families with developmentally-appropriate approaches that are culturally and gender responsive, trauma informed, and strength based, advances the needs and potential of girls, young women and their families.
  • Building Social Capital
    The simple truth is, that relationships matter. Building social capital is the key to opening doors of opportunity for young women living at the margin of the American dream.

Girls and young women accounted for more than half of all runaway cases in 2014

OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book. Online. Available here. Released on December 06, 2017.