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Life can come together if you take a chance

TEASHA, North Carolina

When Teasha Hemingway was first introduced to Florence Crittenton Services of North Carolina, she had already been in several foster care placements and was used to taking care of herself, as both her parents passed away by the time she was 14. At first she was unsure about choosing to stay at Florence Crittenton but after learning more about their Legacy Hall Independent Living Skills program, she found that their structure and environment was exactly what she was looking for as an independent and self-sufficient teen.

Teasha felt that Legacy Hall and staff were supportive, helpful, and flexible, giving her the ability to continue with school, work, extra-curricular activities, and spend time with friends without feeling restricted. Teasha gained skills that would support her transitioning out of the foster care system and into independent adulthood and felt that there were so many different people available to support her and share advice while she was there.

Teasha began taking classes at a nearby college. She soon moved out of Legacy Hall and into the student apartments while remaining connected to staff at Florence Crittenton. When she moved out of the student apartments and into her own apartment, Florence Crittenton was able to help her get furniture and other things needed for a new home.

Currently, Teasha is working towards an Associate’s degree in Information Technology while also holding two jobs and continuing to volunteer with Florence Crittenton Services. Through volunteering Teasha helps gather donations for babies and young mothers, has been in photo shoots for the agency, and has engaged in advocacy and awareness efforts by sharing her experiences while at Legacy Hall. Teasha plans to transfer to a four-year university to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and hopes to combine her technology background with helping others.

Teasha feels that her time at Legacy Hall shows how life can come together if you take a chance; there are resources and good people that provide opportunities to grow and make new friends–it is on the individual to take that chance.