The BOLD Program
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Bridging Opportunity, Love and Determination

The simple truth is, relationships matter

BOLD is the brainchild of eight women, ranging in age from 18 to 35, now known as BOLD founders, all formerly involved with Crittenton agencies across the country. When asked to identify the most significant barrier to achieving their goals, the unanimous response was lack of positive social relationships. The simple truth is, that relationships matter. They provide support and safety, resources and connections, that can change a person’s life. We’ve always known this was true, as reflected in the old saying, “It’s who you know, not what you know.”

Today, social scientists call this social capital

Social capital builds on an individual’s resilience and their dreams for themselves, and/or their children. Reducing the disparity between who does and doesn’t have social capital is fundamental to effectively eradicating poverty, violence, health disparities, and lost potential in all our communities. As a result, BOLD is designed to provide opportunities for young women to build their social capital. BOLD’s focus is on young women who face significant barriers to changing their lives and breaking intergenerational cycles of violence, poverty, and poor health. BOLD consists of three components: The BOLD Society, QUEST, and Circles, which will support the growth of all forms of social capital by bringing women together to support each other.

Expected BOLD outcomes include:

  • Reduction of social isolation;
  • Improvement in overall health and safety;
  • Increase access to resources;
  • Enhance social and emotional learning and executive function skills;
  • Strengthen bonding, bridging, and linking social capital;
  • Achievement of health, education, personal, and financial goals; and
  • Increase civic engagement.

The BOLD Program

The BOLD Society

Crafted as a secure and dynamic smart phone app

The Society is a national virtual health and self-empowerment community, linking Sisters, (young women from Crittenton agencies) across generations with each other, and with women Friends (women not from Crittenton agencies).

Sisters will expand their own social capital through connections to other Sisters and Friends, who will share their knowledge, skills and networks in support of the needs and potential of young women and women.

The Society supports the efforts of Sisters to thrive
Bringing together cutting edge technology with “good old” trusted personal relationships established across generations, classes, racial groups and geography.

The Society app will also include profiles, photo galleries, advice forums, skill-share, bulletin board, and a connection to Crisis Text Line opens new site in new browser window, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) opens new site in new browser window treatment locator.

As a result of the generous support provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Society is being built, and will be piloted in 4-6 Crittenton communities during 2015-2016.

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Based on the BOLD founders’ desire and passion for creating a more just world

Quest will provide transformational training and opportunities for girls and young women, breaking patterns of internalized and externalized oppression, in order to build upon their self-empowerment, advocacy, and leadership capacity.

Through Quest, young women from Crittenton agencies will have the opportunity and support to:

  • Question assumptions;
  • Understand their power;
  • Engage as advocates and leaders;
  • Strive for change; and
  • Transform themselves, and the world.

Quest will be comprised of three interlocking components:

  • A Look Inside: Moving from intersectional oppression to self-empowerment;
  • A wide array of advocacy and leadership opportunities to develop skills, establish relationships and to take action including We are Not Invisible survivor advocacy; and
  • Fellowships & internships.

BOLD Photo

Denver, CO Photo

Courtesy of Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado



Will provide opportunities, connections and resources that support BOLD women in achieving economic security

Circles brings young women living in low-income situations (Circle Leaders) together with middle and upper-income supporters (Circle Allies).

Using a two or multi-generational approach

Working with Circles USA, the model will be customized to meet the unique needs of young mothers and young women who are survivors of violence, childhood adversity, and generational poverty. Learn more about Circles USA opens new site in new browser window

Mother Baby Photo

34% of adult women reported being sexually abused as a child

Twenty-four to thirty-two percent of adult women reported being sexually abused during their childhood.

Reference: Prevalence and risk factors for childhood sexual abuse in women: National survey findings., Child Abuse & Neglect. 1999, Elsevier Science.