Who We Are
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Using a Social Justice Approach

The National Crittenton Foundation supports girls and young women to thrive, build skills, break destructive cycles, and become powerful agents of personal and social change.

At the core of our work is the mandate to address the profound impact of root causes, such as sexism, racism, poverty and violence in the lives of girls and young women.

The girls and young women who walk through the doors of the Crittenton family of agencies bear the life-long burden of healing from trauma, and face significant challenges like profound social isolation, addiction, depression, and low-educational achievement. Through no fault of their own, they have experienced child sexual, physical and emotional abuse or persistent neglect. Many grew up in homes marked by domestic violence, substance abuse and poverty. They tend to live in rural and urban poverty, to be disproportionately young women of color, and many are young single mothers. Moreover, many are in foster care, juvenile justice, are homeless, or have experienced sexual commercial exploitation and domestic trafficking. It’s a sad but true fact, that society today allows girls and young women living at the margins to remain largely invisible in our families, communities, and even to the systems responsible for supporting them.

Our History

Mr. Charles Crittenton and Dr. Kate Waller Barrett invested their lives in the “rescue of unfortunate lost girls.”

A pioneer and social entrepreneur, well ahead of his time, Mr. Charles Crittenton dedicated his energy and his finances toward the “betterment of this needy class,” consisting of girls and women commercially exploited for sex, those escaping violent relationships, single mothers, homeless/abandoned girls, and immigrant women who came to this country with the promise of a husband only to be betrayed.

Our History

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Family of Agencies

Operating in urban and rural communities in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

Providing innovative, comprehensive, strength-based, developmentally-appropriate, gender and culturally-responsive, trauma-informed and specific services grounded in research, respect and results.

Staff & Board

Vocal advocates and activists for issues of importance to girls and women.

We are fortunate to have a dream team of dedicated, bright, and fun people working diligently to advance The National Crittenton Foundation’s mission and vision, and to support the family of agencies to ensure that girls and young women impacted by violence and trauma are seen, heard, respected and valued as leaders and “sheroes.”

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Photo Credit: Robert W. Madden Photography


135 Years, 135 Stories

135 Years, 135 Stories

Commemorating the Legacy.

A collection of Crittenton stories representing the people and impact of our work throughout the years and across the country.