Had it not been for the tireless efforts and interest of one woman–Anna G. Lord–Florence Crittenton Services of Topeka, Inc. may have never existed. After planning and discussing the idea for years, she finally contacted Dr. Kate Waller Barrett at the National Florence Crittenton Mission and on May 18, 1900 a Florence Crittenton Board was organized.

Today, Florence Crittenton Services of Topeka provides trauma informed care with gender specific services to youth, women, and families in Kansas. Florence Crittenton Services focuses on the mind-body connection and incorporates that philosophy into their interventions. A Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program is offered at FCS Topeka along with an Emergency Shelter, Outpatient Mental Health Services, and a community wellness program called The Heat.

The residential program serves girls 13 – 18 years old who have mental health challenges, are experiencing substance abuse, or have high-risk behaviors. The program provides clinical services, medical services, and residential care services ranging from therapy to medication management and life skill building. The residential program also includes the Florence Crittenton Academy, a fully accredited school with special education staff and services.

The Emergency Shelter is available all hours of the day for youth to have a safe environment during their transition to an appropriate and longer-term placement. Youth who are in Police Protected Custody also have access to the shelter if needed. The shelter offers a variety of services including education, daily, recreational activities, and skill building activities.

The Outpatient Mental Health program provides individual and family therapy to children and families experiencing effects from trauma, anxiety, attachment, or depressive disorders. The Heat is a free community wellness program offered through Florence Crittenton Services of Topeka that focuses on fitness, nutrition, social support, and lasting changes in behavior.

Dana Schoffelman, MS, LCPC currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Florence Crittenton Services of Topeka. Dana provides executive leadership to the agency and maintains oversight of programs ensuring quality care with a trauma informed approach. Dana is committed to increasing compassion satisfaction for helpers in the field and enjoys working within a treatment team model. During her time as Director of Clinical Services, Dana helped to establish psychiatric level programs and expanded the continuum of care within the agency. Dana has become a powerful advocate for the children’s continuum of care throughout the state of Kansas. Through this work she has learned the importance and the challenge of honoring every stakeholder. In addition to her leadership roles, Dana continues to practice as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.