126 years ago, the Florence Crittenton Home in Los Angeles was founded in the summer of 1892 when Charles Crittenton finally made his way to Southern California. Although the LA Crittenton has since closed its doors, the Southern California Crittenton story continues with Crittenton Services for Children and Families in Fullerton, California.

Due to documented need for a variety of social service programing in Orange County in the early 1960’s, the National Association of Florence Crittenton Agencies alongside many volunteers formerly involved with the Crittenton Home in LA hosted a fundraiser. In 1966, Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County was incorporated.

Crittenton Services for Children and Families in Fullerton, California offers a variety of services in the greater Southern California region for teen girls and young women. Crittenton consists of a short-term residential treatment center, a group home after-care program, shelter care, a foster care and adoption agency, a program for transitional age youth, community mental health services, and a family preservation program.

Crittenton utilizes a continuum of care program model that supports youth to address childhood trauma and successfully transition into adulthood. All programs provide trauma informed services and a client-centered approach in culturally sensitive, and gender-responsive environments.

The short-term residential treatment program has a range of specialty programs focusing on specific needs of the youth in their care. The five programs include Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment, Continuing Education Program, Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Academy, Teen Parent and Child Education program, and also InSight a program that provides services for youth that have experienced commercial sexual exploitation.

Chief Executive Officer, Joyce Capelle, has been serving in her role for twenty years. Along with her work at Crittenton, Ms. Capelle has served as one of the Board Directors for the California Alliance for Child and Family Services and was a past Chair of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Capelle continues to make it her life’s mission to consciously apply her public policy and law experience towards relentlessly advocating for the health and wellbeing of the system-involved youth she serves.