Inwood House offers programs to support pregnant and parenting teens who are currently in foster care, homeless, runaway, or adjudicated. The continuum of care offered at Inwood House is aimed at promoting young parents’ self-worth and potential while improving the health and relationships of young families and their children, and increasing their independent skills. Inwood House also works to reduce the incidence of repeat early pregnancies, child abuse, and neglect.


Individual counseling at Inwood House connects young families with a Parent-Child practitioner to work on developing emotional bonds with their children, parenting skills, and independence. Practitioners provide emotional and informational support during and after the birth of a child. Parent Support groups are offered for young parents to discuss relevant parenting topics in a supporting environment.

Inwood House offers a coaching program for parents, Partners in Parenting, that assists pregnant and parenting teens in understanding how to utilize the services that are important for raising a child such as medical and prenatal care, family planning, early intervention, daycare, maternal and child health education, and parenting skills classes. The Co-Parenting program provides young parents with a skills coach focused on increasing their co-parenting knowledge and skills through effective communication, problem solving, understanding childhood development, and forming co-parenting agreements. Fatherhood programs are also available to help fathers reconnect, strengthen, and maintain relationships with their children and to gain essential parenting and life skills. Parenting Support through Video is also available to parents, so they can watch their interactions with their child and connect how their interactions can help their child’s development.

Project IMPACT is a program through Inwood House that provides parent skills classes and workshops, access to parent support groups and family work, and access to the Parent Advocacy Council. Project IMPACT’s goal is to support keeping children and families together and creating a network of parents where they can share experiences and offer support.
Inwood House works with New York City schools to incorporate Teen Choice, an in-school sexual heath and life skills education program that aims to help teens make a healthy transition to adulthood. Teen Choice services include the Making Proud Choices sexual health curriculum, supportive group counseling, individual counseling, peer leadership opportunities, parent and youth workshops, money management workshops, employment counseling, and college preparation.


Dr. Kohomban is an author, advocate and expert in child welfare and juvenile justice. The leadership of The Children’s Village has been recognized by The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and other publications. Most recently, Dr. Kohomban testified before the United States Congress, Senate Finance Committee and elaborated on the need for finance reform that supports children, families and communities. City Limits magazine identified him as a leader with a “clear vision for the future.” In his book, From Pariahs to Partners, How Parents and their Allies Changed New York City’s Child Welfare System, author David Tobis describes him as “one of the most parent-focused, reform-minded, and effective administrators in the field of child welfare”. Dr. Kohomban was honored by the Child Welfare League of America for Exemplary Innovative Service Resulting in Positive and Successful Outcomes for Children and by the Alliance for Children and Families with the Samuel Gerson Nordlinger Child Welfare Leadership Award for his dedication and effectiveness.