The Florence Crittenton Division of Perseus House first started in 1896 as The Door of Hope in Erie, Pennsylvania. A short year later, in 1897, The Door of Hope became a  member of the Crittenton Family of Agencies. After operating as a standalone organization for many years, the Florence Crittenton Home of Erie became a division of Perseus House in 2001.

A drawing of the original Florence Crittenton Home in Erie, PA.

Perseus House offers a range of services including residential treatment, educational and outpatient services, parent support groups, substance abuse treatment, and a work experience program. Perseus is also a national training site for Aggression Regression Training® and Life Crisis Intervention.

The Girls Florence Crittenton Division of Perseus House provides services for pregnant and parenting young women involved with the juvenile justice or child welfare systems. It aims to strengthen their parenting skills, sense of ethics, degree of responsibility, and level of maturity. The program also works to strengthen the mother and child attachment while fulfilling legal obligations and preparing for independent living. The Florence Crittenton Division offers a residential Mother-Baby Program with after-care services, a residential Maternity Program, Maternity and Postpartum Care, and an Auxiliary group of mentors for the mothers.

Services within the Florence Crittenton Division include 24/7 residential care, case management, health care and education, personal living skills training, and social development, with services also being offered to the young mother’s family and expectant father. Treatment components of the program include Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, weekly individual and family therapy, and group therapy with a range of focuses from Aggression Replacement Training®, to PTSD treatment, to Recreational Therapy and more. Medical and dental care are available for the mother and her child and specialized education is provided at Perseus House through the Erie School District.

Other residential treatment programs at Perseus offer clinical and counseling services for youth with mental health needs, who are involved with the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, and who have experienced neglect, abuse, self-harm, and trauma. The educational and outpatient services include an Alternative Education Program, an Intensive Juvenile Delinquency Prevention program, a Student Assistance program, Home-tutoring, Charter school for high school students preparing for college, a Collaborative Intensive Community Treatment Program that serves as an alternative to residential treatment, and an acute outpatient mental health program. Perseus also provides Parent Groups for parents of current or past youth in residential care, substance abuse services, and a work experience program for residents.

Mark Amendola has been the Executive Director of Perseus House, Inc. since May 1994. Perseus House is a non-profit provider for youth ages 5-18. Service continuum includes residential Mental Health, Intensive Treatment, Shelter, and Short-Term programming. Perseus House also provides community-based services, which include residential diversion, community re-integration and the Charter School of Excellence.

Mark is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and has served in various capacities in the community, ranging from residential and partial hospitalization to outpatient services. He has a private practice that serves both adults. Mark has been responsible for the implementation of Aggression Replacement Training in both residential and community based settings. A major focus has also been the inclusion of families in treatment and skill transfer across settings.