What happens when three BOLD advocates get together in DC? They go to the White House!

Last week Katie, Charese and I (Bold Society Founding Sister) attended the White House Champions of Change event in which young women from all over the country are recognized for their amazing contributions to their communities. Those young women, as young as 15 years old are the epitome of a champion of change in our communities – from the creation of their own nonprofits to programs that help college-bound Native Americans to advocating for those with disabilities the Sisters and I were in awe of the power in that room.

It was such a great experience to be amongst great leaders, and for me to see other influential Latinas like a Hispanic Astronaut and the Executive Director for the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. It was even more powerful for Katie, Charese and I to find ourselves in the briefing room, where the President holds his press conferences, and for us to look back on each and every one of our dreams and accept our new realities. We talked about the fact that our journeys have taken us to so many places, both good and bad, but we were there and we were sharing with others the change we too are making in for our girls.

After we left, we shared our excitement for having been a part of the event, for having been in the room, and for all the big things we too are doing in our communities. We also discussed how one of the women recognized is working on an app catered to African American girls and we couldn’t help but pat ourselves on the back for being pioneers in the tech and social world and recognizing the need of our girls and the support and importance technology plays today. BOLD, and the Society, our app will play an instrumental role in the lives of young women who find themselves starting their new journeys in life out of Crittenton programs. In our way, we definitely are BOLD Champions of Change.

Lisette O. Engel
BOLD Founder

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