Catherine Kamara was featured on WBTV’s story, “HIV in CLT,” focused on the expereiences of individuals living with HIV in Charlotte, North Carolina. Catherine, one of the co-founders of the social capital-focused BOLD program, learned she had been born HIV-positive during a doctor visit at age 16.

Catherine spoke to WBTV about navigating the stigma and fear attached to an HIV diagnosis. She now works to support youth diagnosed with HIV at RAIN, a Charlotte-based non-profit dedicated to ensuring access to quality care and dismantling stigma for individuals living with HIV.

Catherine was a resident of Florence Crittenton North Carolina where she lived for two years with her son and took part in a mother-child program. Read Catherine’s feature in the National Crittenton “135 years, 135 stories” project here.

You can watch the full WBTV segment here.