In my past, there have been a lot of fights and struggles to get to where I am now. As a single mother, a young mother and a young Latina, the fight is constant.

“Fighting stereotypes, labels and oppression is something that comes with the way I was born, the way I look and the way society views me. There are many labels that I carry, but I do not want “uneducated” to be one of them. I have been uneducated for too long now and I want this too much. I feel like this is the time for me to take the next step, the next challenge and return to college. I know I have the skills, drive, and the potential to be successful, the only things holding be back is a degree.”  -Lesley

Lesley attended Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado (FloCrit). While attending FloCrit she joined the leadership class that planned and fundraised for their first prom. During her senior year at FloCrit she joined a youth advocacy council for a statewide organization that focuses on youth sexual health. Lesley is young mother and is enrolled at Denver Community College pursing a degree in Political Science. She is the first in her family to attend college.


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