Crittenton Connection


A Rich Legacy of Connections

National Crittenton and the Crittenton family of agencies (formerly known as homes) have been supporting the needs of girls, young women and women since 1883. This legacy equates to millions of connections, over more than a century. To search for family members or other people you met through a Crittenton agency such as former friends or colleagues, post information about you and the person you’re searching for by completing a profile. You can also search the Crittenton Connection database to see who else has posted. Our goal is to support you in making a connection or getting new information.

Searching for Family Members

If you are searching for family members separated by adoption we also recommend that you contact the Florence Crittenton Home Reunion Registry for state-by-state information regarding current laws and pending legislation for access to adoption records. Go to opens new site in new browser window

Because each Crittenton agency is its own independent nonprofit and is connected to National Crittenton through a unique form of voluntary partnership, we do not have access to any agency’s records past or present. However, thanks to the help of the Crittenton Connection community and the Crittenton family of agencies still in operation, we have been able to create a small resource database with information on where other searchers have had luck finding records, where you can access historic photographs, and the status of the agency you are looking into. Visit the database here opens new site in new browser window 

If any of the information here is outdated or incorrect, or if you have any further questions or comments, please email us at, or call us at 503-297-2217.

Search F.A.Q.s

How can National Crittenton aid me in my search?

While we do not have access to any agency records past or present, we do have:

What other resources are available?

  • The Florence Crittenton Home Reunion Registry is a great resource for those searching for family separated by adoption and it has a robust database of its own where you can post your information and any identifying information is kept private unless there is a match.
  • If you are looking for historic photographs, you can find many in the University of Minnesota Library Archives, particularly in the book 50 Years Work with Girls, which is available online.
  • If you’d like to contact a current Crittenton family of agencies representative, you can find their information on our Family of Agencies page.
  • Crittenton Connection searches can be frustrating and isolating experiences, and our goal is to support you as best we can.  We created the Crittenton Connections Newsletter to build community and share stories and resources. We are also collecting stories from over the years and sharing them as part of 135 years, 135 stories.

Why isn't there any information available for the agency I'm looking into?

Due to our long history and the nature of our voluntary relationship with Crittenton agencies (formerly known as homes), it is difficult to track down information, particularly if the agency in question closed early in our history or is no longer affiliated with us.

Additionally, because many agencies closed or merged with other organizations, some information and records may be in the posession of the city or state, a university or other organization’s archives, or an individual.  In some cases that information has sadly been lost or destroyed.