“In Solidarity We Rise: Healing, Opportunity and Justice for Girls,” October 11-13, 2017 in Washington, DC.

You can look at it as a traditional conference, but in reality it will be much more. Together we will gather in our nations capitol from across the country to focus on learning how to better support girls and young women; forging new alliances, and strengthening the movement in support of girls and young women.

Core to “In Solidarity” is the leadership and engagement of girls and young women and the use of approaches to learning, strategizing and connecting that are creative, intersectional, and two or multigenerational. There will be pre-conference intensives, workshops and more – all full of surprises!

We are expecting a sell-out crowd of 1,500 people. We hope you will mark the dates and join us so together we can focus on the needs and potential of all marginalized girls, with girls of color at the center of our conversation. The three integrated strands of In Solidarity are:

HEALING – Understanding the root causes of trauma and discovering new pathways to well being.

OPPORTUNITY – Exploring diverse and innovative ways to support health, economic security and civic engagement for girls.

JUSTICE – Catalyze and strengthen the justice reform for girls movement.

Registration is Open!

Join us for three days of Learning, Strategizing, Connecting and Creating through: Full-day Pre-Conference Intensives; Front Porch Conversations; A Call to Solidarity Strategy Sessions; Deep Dive Learning Opportunities; Innovation in Motion Sessions, and visit our, Un-Exhibit Hall and Self-Care Room.

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Rise In Solidarity Together.

Change Maker, Trail Blazer, Champion, Innovator, Advocate, Ally – which are you? Support the advancement of healing, opportunity and justice for girls and young women by sponsoring the In Solidarity conference.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Holly Weems-Ladd at Holly@NationalCrittenton.org or, 503.297.2217.

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