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Lifting up the voices of young women

Girls @ the Margin National Alliance is an affiliation of local, state, and national organizations and advocates working across sectors and systems to address root causes of the complex issues confronting marginalized girls and young women.

G@TM is co-convened by National Crittenton, Rights4Girls opens new site in new browser window, National Women’s Law Center opens new site in new browser window, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality opens new site in new browser window, and Girls, Inc. opens new site in new browser window.

G@TM uses the term “marginalized” not to describe girls and young women, but to call attention to their treatment by decision makers, communities, families, and the systems charged with their care.

This collaboration across systems and disciplines is dedicated to the best interest of girls who are marginalized by their families, communities, and often by the systems charged with their care.

What we want to achieve:

  • Support a national forum that will allow participating organizations and individuals to share policy, programs and communication strategies;
  • Provide opportunities for girls and young women to share their stories and be leaders for change;
  • Leverage the collective influence of multiple organizations and individuals to increase support for key policy changes;
  • Highlight promising programs for girls in the field to inform federal and state policy;
  • Build public will in support of critical issues identified by girls and young women at the margin;
  • Provide frontline direct service providers and state groups with a seat at the federal policy table; and
  • Increase attention of funders and policy makers on the potential and the needs and issues of girls and young women at the margin.

G@TM will work to ensure the following outcomes for girls and young women at the margin:

  • Self-empowerment and strong self-esteem;
  • Safe, stable and affordable housing;
  • Access to, and completion of, educational goals;
  • Employment, economic self-sufficiency and wealth building;
  • Mental and physical health and safety;
  • Strong social support systems; and
  • Civil and human rights.

If you have questions about G@TM please contact: or

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Justice-involved girls are four times more likely to have experienced sexual assault than boys.

Among the 658 youth who became involved in the juvenile justice system, the overall high rates of exposure to trauma were further differentiated by gender for two categories: girls were twice as likely as boys to report sexual abuse (31.8 percent versus 15.5 percent) and girls were four times more likely than boys to have experienced sexual assault (38.7 percent versus 8.8 percent) 

Reference: NCTSN Core Data Set, Dierkhising and colleagues (2013)
times more likely