Our Mission


Our focus on root causes and cross-system approaches supports the attainment of our vision in which girls and gender expansive young people can define themselves on their own terms and be respected and supported without fear of violence or injustice.


National Crittenton catalyzes social and systems change for girls and gender expansive young people impacted by chronic adversity, violence, and injustice.

National Crittenton’s work is inclusive of all girls and young women, cis and trans, and gender expansive young people.

Our Model
  • Young Women Leading
    Ensuring that girls, young women, and gender nonconforming youth are at the forefront of social and systems change

  • Supporting Agency Innovation
    Supporting the Crittenton family of agencies in developing and sharing innovative approaches to the provision of a full continuum of services and supports for girls, young women, and their families

  • Shifting the Narrative
    Galvanizing a paradigm shift in how girls and young women are perceived and treated

  • Advocating for Change
    Advocating for policies, programs, and systems that effectively support the complex needs of girls, young women, and their families

  • Lifting Up Local Expertise
    Bringing the expertise of local service providers and advocates to bear on federal policy making

  • Supporting the Field
    Providing capacity-building support to organizations and young leaders working to advance justice for girls

  • Cross-System Collaboration
    Collaborating across fields, systems and issues to leverage resources, influence, and impact to achieve social and systems change

  • Engaging Research
    Connecting research to policy, practice, and systems reform work

Guiding Principles
  • We know girls and young women are the experts on their own lives and the leaders of change impacting their lives

  • We ground our work in an understanding of the root causes of systemic injustice that results in the social, economic, and political marginalization of specific groups of girls and gender nonconforming youth, their families, and their communities, with particular attention to girls of color

  • We recognize the deep impact of historical, intergenerational, and individual ongoing trauma on the lives of girls, young women, and their families, and on the communities in which they live

  • We will be responsive, adaptable, creative, and tenacious in advancing social and systems change in recognition of our shifting social and political landscape

  • We believe change is possible, and, drawing on the history of National Crittenton, we can and will take on challenges treated as intractable

  • We utilize an intersectional lens, including race, ethnicity, gender, SOGIE, class, disability, age, and geography, to effectively understand and address the root causes of oppression, violence, and poverty

  • We recognize the enduring strength, courage, determination, and leadership of girls, young women, and their families and communities to heal and transform their lives and communities

Family of Agencies

National Crittenton is the umbrella for the 26 members of the Crittenton family of agencies providing direct services in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

Together we work to provide support, advocacy and opportunities for girls, young women and their families at the national level and in local communities across the country.

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