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It’s Been a Long Road


I had an amazing childhood living in California. I was born in Mexico and adopted at birth by two wonderful, loving parents. I was a good kid and never got into trouble. But then when I was 18, I met a handsome 25-year-old guy who I thought was perfect for me. I ignored all the warning signs and I got pregnant one month after we started dating. When I told him, I quickly figured out that I had been wrong about him all along because I saw another side of him – it was like night and day. I learned too late that he was an abuser.

My parents had always been very understanding and patient so I thought I could talk to them about being pregnant. My mom was supportive and loving but I knew she was very disappointed. When my father found out, it was really bad. He told me that I had to give the baby up for adoption because I couldn’t be a good parent and he said my baby was not welcome in our home so I would have to leave. I even researched adoption to try to please my father, but all along I knew I wanted to raise my baby. I knew I could be a good mother.

I had no choice so I left the house and was living from place to place. Eventually I found myself without a place to stay. I went to the Depelchin Children’s Center where I lived, and learned how to become a good mother. I’m not sure where I would be without the service and care they provided. My daughter is four and I am in college full-time studying to become a nurse. It’s been a long road. But today I can say that I am loved and accepted and I have a beautiful life.

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