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From Crittenton baby to Crittenton leader

BAIRD, South Carolina

In 1963, my mother Margaret had no place to go when she was pregnant. Her family had shut the door on her and she was alone and had nowhere to go. I am grateful that she chose adoption for me because I ended up with two wonderful parents, Jim and Rosie Sanders, who are now deceased.

I had great parents but I still always wondered about my birth mother. So one day I decided to knock on the door of the Crittenton agency in South Carolina to see what I could find out.

I was surprised when they welcomed me in like family. They showed me one of the bedrooms as an example of where my birth mother may have been living. Eventually, I reconnected with my birth mother and thanked her for having me and for her decision to let my parents raise me.

I also learned that one of the rooms the Crittenton staff had shown me during my visit was the room she stayed in during her pregnancy with me. She knew she could not parent me, and the Sanderses opened their hearts and home to me. They will always will be “Mom and Dad” to me. At the same time, it was very satisfying to meet my birth mother and to connect the pieces of my life. We now are enjoying a good relationship and I even have a half sister and brother.

I am a loyal supporter of Crittenton. Where would I be if there wasn’t a place for Margaret to go when she was pregnant with me?

Now as the president of the board of directors of Florence Crittenton Services of South Carolina I am helping to bring new energy and financial resources to the agency. I see my volunteer work for the agency as a tribute to my birth mother and my adoptive parents and a way for me to give back and support young women like Margaret.

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