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My Family Believes in Me


Even though I’m only 11, I have lived in lots of homes and never felt like I belonged anywhere until my family got help for all of us.

I lived with my mom for a while, but I didn’t want to be with her in that house with so many other people who weren’t my family. So they sent me to foster care until my dad said he wanted me to live with him and my brothers. It seemed like all we ever did at my dad’s house was argue and fight. At school they said I had a bad attitude and that I was too aggressive to be in a “regular” school, so my dad sent me to ECOT (Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow). I started thinking about how I could hurt myself because I felt like nothing I did was right or even mattered. That’s when my dad got me working with the counselor from Directions for Youth & Families.

She was pretty cool and she helped me understand why I was mad and what made me blow up. She also helped me see what happens when I am about to lose my temper and what I can do to stop it. My dad even got to come to some of my sessions to learn how to help me.

When I got done working with the counselor, my grades had gotten a lot better and I was able to go back to public school. I don’t want to hurt myself anymore. In fact, I feel pretty good about myself. I’m glad my dad cared about me to get me some help. Now I get along pretty well with my dad and my brothers and we don’t fight anymore, so living with my dad makes me feel like I belong there.

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