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Making the best decision for my son

KELE, Montana

I’ve always liked school and gotten good grades and someday I hope to open a greenhouse business with my mother. Getting pregnant at 16 was not part of my plan. And when it happened, I wanted to get away from my hometown, which is really small with just a few hundred residents.

I really wanted to learn about all of the options for my baby and I. I decided that moving to Florence Crittenton was the best choice until after the baby was born. If I hadn’t gone there I wouldn’t have ever known about adoption, and my mom would have ended up parenting my son. They helped me sort out my options and after struggle and careful consideration I made an adoption plan for my baby. Some people think it’s the easy way out and a simple thing to do but it’s anything but that. It’s the biggest decision of my life.

“With the way things are, no money and no father figure and no big family kind of thing, my son is a lot better off” and “it’s best for him and best for me, so I can finish school and go to college.” I know that most of the girls keep their babies but this was the right decision for me and the staff supported me while I made my own decision. They made sure I attended parenting classes and had information on adoption so I could make the right choice. “This was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was the best for my son.”

It was important to me to have an open adoption. I spent time getting to know them and even met the grandparents. I really feel like I have gained another family.

Both the adoptive parents were with me in the delivery room and they able to start bonding with my son right away. That was important to me.
Because is was an open adoption I’ll be able to have a relationship with my son and he will know me and that I made this decision out of love, not because I didn’t care about him.

I’m very grateful that there was a place for me to go where I could relax, feel supported, learn and make this very difficult and important decision.