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Treatment saved my life

LESLIE, Mississippi

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and it’s been tough road. I’m in the ARK program at Mississippi Children’s Home Society for anxiety and addiction. Cocaine was my drug of choice and I realize that I was addicted for a year and a half before knew I was in trouble. My family would try to help me but I just pushed them away. It took ending up in the detention center and being removed from my family for me to wake up. I have been in state custody for two years. When I came to the ARK my whole life changed. I have been here at the ARK for one year and four months.

At ARK I have received services that have helped me to overcome my addiction. I have been learning about building self-esteem, the stages of grief and how to have healthy relationships. I also volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and it’s good to give back.

I am about to leave as a brand new person. I’m so glad to not be running the streets and tearing my family apart. My plan is to get out and get back on my feet, get a job and go to college to be a veterinarian so I can take care of my family.

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