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Coming Full Circle– My Life

MEAGHAN, Colorado

My teen years were full of drugs and gangs and I didn’t care about school. At age 16, to my surprise, I became pregnant. I was lucky to find and attend the Florence Crittenton High School in Denver, Colorado after being referred to the school by my school counselor at my regular high school. Throughout my pregnancy, I was able to stay in school. When I had my daughter, she was taken care of by the onsite childcare center. If I had not found Florence Crittenton I wouldn’t be where I am today. My daughter taught me what unconditional love was for the first time in my life. She gave me the strength and motivation to keep working and to succeed.

I graduated from high school at Crittenton and went to a local community college and worked at an STD, HIV and teen pregnancy education/prevention program. I graduated from nursing school in 2005, right after the birth of my second child. Things came full circle in 2007 when I applied to be the school nurse at Florence Crittenton High School in Denver. I was hired as the school’s full-time nurse and today, I am not only a former client, but I am also a current staff member at Florence Crittenton High School in Denver.

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