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Why I work at Florence Crittenton Services


Staff Member, North Carolina

39 years ago there was a teenager who became pregnant by her high school sweetheart. She was 16 years old and terrified to tell her mother. The teen reached out to her older sister who was studying to be a nurse in Washington, D.C. Her older sibling told her that she did not need a baby because she was still in school. She was still terrified and undecided about what to do. She finally talked with her mother and they found out about Florence Crittenton Services. The teen was about to enter her senior year in high school and wanted to finish but could not bear the thought of returning to her high school while she was pregnant. So the teen attended the day school at Florence Crittenton Services and was able to finish high school. She went on to become a successful mother and was always been thankful of the support she received at Florence Crittenton. What she went through was tough but she did not have to face it alone.

I first heard this story when I was applying to work at Florence Crittenton. I mentioned the name to my mother who told me this story. So my working here is in dedication to my mother’s struggle as a teen parent to find a place where she could be supported, continue to pursue her goals and make the choice to have me. So that is what has kept me here this long. I am living proof of health and hope.

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