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The Crittenton/Barrett Legacy Continues

SUZANNE, South Carolina

KATE, North Carolina

More than a century ago, our founders, Mr. Charles Crittenton and Dr. Kate Waller Barrett, joined forces to found the National Florence Crittenton Mission, known today as, The National Crittenton Foundation (TNCF). Deeply committed to equal rights for girls and women, they both worked actively on this cause through their efforts to strengthen the “Mission” and expand the Crittenton family of agencies. They continued this social justice work until their deaths – Mr. Crittenton in 1909, and Dr. Barrett in 1925.

This April, for the first time in 106 years, members of Mr. Charles Crittenton’s and Dr. Kate Waller Barrett’s families are concurrently serving on TNCF’s Board of Trustees. On April 3, 2015, Suzanne Hassett, the great-great-grand niece of Charles Crittenton made the motion to approve, Kate H. Rademacher, the great-great-great-grand daughter of Dr. Barrett, as a new Trustee. Eighteen months prior, The National Crittenton Foundation had welcomed Suzanne to the Board. Suzanne is the first Crittenton family member to be involved with The National Crittenton Foundation since Mr. Crittenton himself, during its 132-year history.

It is no surprise that both Suzanne and Kate have the same passion to support others as our founders. Suzanne is the Marketing and Development Coordinator with the National Alliance on Mental Health Illnesses (NAMI) in Beaufort County, South Carolina, that raises awareness and provides support and education about mental health to the community. Kate is Technical Advisor with FHI 360, an organization whose mission is to improve lives by advancing integrated, locally-driven solutions for human development. TNCF, the Crittenton family of agencies, and the Board of Trustees, look forward to the future in continuing the work of our founders, to ensure that girls and young women who live at the margin of the American dream, have the rights and opportunities they deserve to succeed and achieve their dreams.

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