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Healing, Opportunity, and Justice for Girls

In Solidarity is a youth-led, intergenerational national gathering of young leaders, advocates, community-based organizations, and policymakers, hosted by National Crittenton in 2017 and 2019.


At its core, In Solidarity is about strengthening and co-constructing an intergenerational interracial/interethnic movement for social transformation to address issues such as education equity, justice reform, professional and organizational development, mental health, all forms of gender based violence, and much more.

In Solidarity focuses on centering the leadership of cis and trans girls, young women, and gender-expansive young people, and have included over 1,000 people from all 50 states and 14 federally recognized Tribal Nations. Guided by Youth Advisors and by Core Principles for interaction developed by her/them*, the gathering strives for the aggressive goals of having 50 percent of all participants and presenters under the age of 26. While that goal hasn’t been achieved yet – in 2017, 25 percent were under 26 and in 2019 it rose to 40 percent.

Together, the intergenerational and multiracial/multiethnic group strategized, shared solutions, imagined new futures, and made connections between our fields, issues, and approaches to advance healing, opportunity, and justice for all cis and trans girls, and gender-expansive young people.

In Solidarity We Rise is the clearest example of national organizing in practice. The event convenes partners interested in taking action to address the harms experiences by girls and gender-expansive young people who are most impacted by systemic oppression and marginalization. The event provides an opportunity for connection, relationship building, collective healing and care, strategic partnership development, and more. Future In Solidarity events provide the opportunity for small and large scale direct actions, including organized efforts for practice and policy change in local communities.

We are excited to announce plans for the next In Solidarity We Rise gathering, Fall 2023 on the West Coast. Sign up for our newsletter here to receive information about ISWR 2023 as it becomes available.

Project Partners

NoVo Foundation, Ms Foundation for Women, New York Foundation for Women, Minnesota Foundation for Women, Philosophy hope&grace initiative, Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, Washington Area Women’s Foundation, The Kim Sipes Memorial Fund, Family and Descendants of Dr. Kate Waller Barrett, James S. Phelps & Michael Ann Herring, Ronald Waterman, Anthony & Anna Yuen, Butter UpTM and SunTrust, Melissa Byington, Doniel & Jerry Sutton and Commercial Aquatic Services, The Arvielo Family Foundation, Charles Baldwin & Shizuka Yoshida Baldwin, Dr. Linda Lausell Bryant, Wanji Walcott, William & Barbara Washington, Gina E. Wood, Anna & Justin Yuen

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