National Crittenton is pleased to announce it will be the beneficiary of Sara Safari’s Denali climb. The crowdfunding goal is one dollar per foot, a total of 20,000 feet, and $20,000.

Photo courtesy of Sara Safari

Sara is a post-graduate student in Leadership and Change, professor in Electrical Engineering, and TED speaker. In April 2015, she climbed Everest when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit. After she was recused, she witnessed the earthquake’s devastating impact on the people of Nepal. Sara was inspired and motivated by the women and girls there who yearned to continue their education despite the damage their schools suffered. She decided then to dedicate her subsequent climbs to organizations supporting girls’ self-empowerment and opportunities. Sara will be the first Iranian in history to climb the Seven Summits, the seven highest peaks in each continent. She is climbing to raise funds for seven organizations who are empowering women.

Today, Sara has chosen National Crittenton’s advocacy efforts as the cause behind her Denali climb. The organization’s mission to catalyze social and systems change for girls and young women, cis and trans, and gender nonconforming youth impacted by chronic adversity, violence, and injustice resonated with her deeply. Girls, particularly those of color, are even more at risk for exposure to violence and system involvement as a result of the intersection of their race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, mental and physical ability, and class. National Crittenton’s advocacy work, and The Crittenton family of 26 independently run direct service agencies, center girls and gender nonconforming youth at the margin of the American dream: those who are or have been involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and who experience violence, homelessness, poverty, young motherhood, trafficking, abuse, neglect, family dysfunction, and more. Just as Sara will scale Denali, the courage and determination of girls and young women facing these obstacles and the supports provided to them will enable them to climb their own mountain.

Sara’s climb will begin on June 8 or 9 and last approximately 20 days. You can contribute to Sara’s crowdfunding campaign here.