We are excited to share the Front Porch Conversation topics for discussion at In Solidarity We Rise: Healing, Opportunity and Justice for Girls, October 11-13, 2017.

Sit on the front porch and sip lemonade while having powerful, moving conversations in small groups with girls, young women, and In Solidarity attendees from around the country on questions of importance to our future. Recognizing we’re in a rapidly shifting political landscape, there will be space to change or add to the following conversations to address topics of immediate concern.

What Just happened?

Want space to discuss a panel, comment, conversation, or moment from In Solidarity? This front porch conversation is an open space to gather and respond to questions and ideas from the conference.

Self-Care? Squad Care? Health and Well-Being in this Moment

Whether it’s your personal self-care practice or having community show up when you need care, this front porch conversation is the space to discuss practices, challenges, and narratives about centering health and well-being in our lives.

Me #IRL: Navigating Identity on Snapchat, Instagram, and all of the Internet

Filters, followers, friendships, and Facebook. This front porch conversation is a space to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly about social media and our digital lives.

Defining Myself for Myself: Pronouns, Sexuality, and Language

Language matters. Join this front porch conversation to discuss both the process of defining ourselves, and how to support and be in solidarity with how other folks identify themselves.

Who Gets to Be a Leader?

Whose leadership gets recognized? What kind of leadership gets rewarded? How can we support many kinds of leadership styles and practices? What are the challenges of being a leader? What kind of support do young leaders need?

On the Front Lines: Being and Becoming an Activist

From learning how to get involved to figuring out how to manage burn out, this front porch discussion is for everyone interested in and involved in activism (of many different types).

Fathers, Brothers, Partners, and Friends: Engaging Men in Gender Justice Work*

This front porch conversation is for folks of all genders to discuss examples, hopes, strategies, and challenges regarding how men and young men engage in gender justice work.

What’s In An Ally?

What does it mean to be an ally? This front porch conversation is a space to discuss the kind of allies we want and need, as well as how to show up (or not) as an ally. Discuss strategies, examples, frustrations, challenges, and what solidarity looks like in private and public.

I’ve Got A Lot to Be Mad About: Anger, Advocacy, and Healing

Audre Lorde wrote, “Anger expressed and translated into action in the service of our vision and our future is a liberating and strengthening act of clarification.” This front porch conversation is a space to discuss navigating anger and healing as advocates and individuals.

No Human Being Is Illegal: Responding to DACA*

The announcement of the ending of DACA has created uncertainly and fear for 800,000 young people across the country, as well as their friends, family, colleagues, and communities. Join this conversation to discuss what current DACA recipients need and how we respond in this moment.

*Sessions offered in English and Spanish

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