We are pleased to announce Harriet’s Apothecary will be curating the Self-Care Room at In Solidarity We Rise: Healing, Opportunity and Justice for Girls, October 11-13, 2017.

Harriet’s Apothecary is an intergenerational, healing village led by the brilliance and wisdom of Black Cis Women, Queer, Gender Non-conforming, and Trans healers, artists, health professionals, magicians, activists and ancestors. We are committed to co-creating accessible, affordable, liberatory, all-body loving, all-gender honoring, community healing spaces that recognize, inspire, and deepen the healing genius of people who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of color and the allies that love us.


Visit this calming space, designed to support you in feeling grounded and centered throughout the conference.

Trans women and girls, particularly trans women and girls of color, continue to face elevated levels of violence, from the tragic record killing of trans women of color to discriminatory policies and public commentary targeting the dignity and humanity of trans individuals. This session will discuss the urgent need for justice and safety for trans women and girls: what immediate needs are, what justice looks like, and how all folks of all genders can show up in solidarity.

Rooted in the resilience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, who actively resist dehumanization, we co-created Harriet’s Apothecary as an intentional response to the oppressive violence that our community faces every day and as a love ode of reverence to our legacy of activating vast possibilities of imagination, inherent wisdom, and interdependence in service of our liberation. We envision generations and lifetimes of folks of color engaging in their dignity, power and vast connection to that which liberates our souls. We amplify the inherent connection and capacity within us to heal, to love and to transform for the sake of justice and freedom.


Harriet’s Apothecary Offering at In Solidarity We Rise:

Harriet’s Apothecary will be holding and offering Healing Justice elements & wisdom within the Healing & Self-Care Room at In Solidarity We Rise. The sanctuary space will be curated and held by healers offering affirming, love-drenched remedies, rituals, and practices along with customized individual and group healing experiences. These offerings will be provided with the intention to heal trauma, enhance resilience and innate healing wisdom, and to restore and expand our community’s abilities to transform the impacts of white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism, colonization and the institutions that uphold these systems.

Harriet’s Apothecary defines Healing Justice as an evolving framework that re-centers the role of healing, safety and wellness inside of liberation. Healing Justice is informed by economic, gender, racial, reproductive and disability justice movements. Healing Justice seeks to transform and respond to generational and current trauma and violence in our movements, communities and lives. Healing Justice seeks to engage the ability to regenerate liberatory and resilience practices that have been lost and stolen. Use healing as a strategy to build sustainable and mutually nourishing movements. In this interactive, embodied workshop, come learn and share healing justice strategies to fortify your individual and collective liberation practice and praxis for combating oppression and abolishing the systems that uphold it.


Meet the Healers.

Youth Apprentices, Emily CarpenterPronouns: She/Her & Mercy CarpenterPronouns: She/They

Naimah Johnson

Pronouns: She/Her
Naimah is a licensed therapist, yoga instructor, doula, and community activist. Within her work she applies a radically integrated therapeutic approach that is informed by activism, esotericism, liberation psychology, and ancestral wisdom. She provides trauma-focused counseling through her private practice and in community-based settings, with a dedicated focus on the trauma of oppression. Naimah is a member of the transformative healing justice collective, Harriet’s Apothecary; and also works collaboratively with organizations and institutions providing liberation-based training and facilitating community healing spaces. Naimah believes in healing as an act of resistance and revolution, that is essential to our liberation.

Erika Totten

Hailing from Washington, D.C., Erika Totten is a dynamic teacher, facilitator, healer, life coach, community builder and spiritual organizer committed to the movement for Black liberation and the evolution of our collective consciousness. She is the founder of Unchained Visioning, a core member of Harriet’s Apothecary Healer’s Collective, and co-creator of Black Lives Matter: DC where she focuses on centering healing and visioning within the Black liberation movement by creating weekly healing spaces for Black people to process racial stress and trauma, and to experience embodied liberation and collective Black Joy in the midst of dismantling systems of oppression. She is also a devoted wife and mother of two.

B. Anderson

Pronouns: They/Them
Beatrice Anderson is a community organizer, meditation facilitator, ritual leader, and artist who champions restorative and healing justice. She is co-founder of the Love Circle Sangha, a meditation community actively engaged in anti-oppression work. She also acts as core collective member with Harriet’s Apothecary, a healing village led by Black healers committed to co-creating accessible liberatory restorative spaces. Beatrice is co-founder and partner of InVision Contemplative Collective, a consultant group supporting the efficacy and wellbeing of organizations serving marginalized communities. Her artistic works have been featured internationally and her newest exploration, Ratchet Dharma, explores the narrative of self and community care through a social art process piece.

Taja Lindley

Pronouns: She/Her
An 80’s baby born in New York and raised in the South, Taja Lindley currently lives in Brooklyn, New York working as the Managing Member of Colored Girls Hustle. In 2007 she received her B.A. from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she designed her own major, concentrating in public policy and knowledge production with a focus on health and women of color. Lindley considers herself a healer and an activist, creating socially engaged artwork that reflects and transforms audiences, shifts culture and moves people to action. She uses movement, text, installation, ritual, burlesque, and multi-media to create immersive works that are concerned with freedom, healing and pleasure. She is currently developing a body of work recycling and repurposing discarded materials.


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Join us for three days of Learning, Strategizing, Connecting and Creating through: Full-day Pre-Conference Intensives; Front Porch Conversations; A Call to Solidarity Strategy Sessions; Deep Dive Learning Opportunities; Innovation in Motion Sessions, and visit our, Un-Exhibit Hall and Self-Care Room.

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