We live in a world in which the voices of girls & young women–especially those of color and those who identify as LGBQ/GNCT–are constantly ignored. A world in which girls & young women are disproportionately impacted by trauma & adverse childhood experiences and systematically punished for them.

Here at TNCF, we’ve been fighting to change that for the last 134 years and in many ways we are just getting started. But if we’ve learned anything in our long history as advocates, it’s that we can’t do it alone. In Solidarity We Rise: Healing, Opportunity & Justice for Girls is our way of bringing as many people together as possible to learn, collaborate, share, and to reimagine & create a world with systems that don’t work against us.

As October approaches, we’ve decided to start learning, sharing, creating, and collaborating now. We want to raise your voice, your art, your culture and share it. That’s why we’re making Solidarity Rise-Zine.

What does it mean to be In Solidarity? What do healing, opportunity and justice look like? Send us your best poems, prose, photographs, illustrations, graphic designs, comic strips, etc., and give us your answer. Let your creativity and your passion for equality lead you!

We will be selecting a variety of pieces to be featured in a conference-exclusive zine that every In Solidarity attendee will receive in their gift bag. A digital version will also be made available & you will get a copy if your entry makes it in–whether you are able to attend the conference or not.

To submit your piece:

  •  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (or all of them!)
  • Create a post with your piece
  • In the caption, write about how your piece reflects the themes of solidarity, opportunity, healing and/or justice
  • Tag us in the post (@NatlCrittenton or @national_crittenton on IG)
  • Use the hashtag #InSolidarity4Girls

If your piece is selected, we will contact you via your social account and redirect you to a formal application where you will upload your content, your caption (optional), your name, and contact information.

As fellow Portlander and creator of the “Not Sorry” Zine, Jenny San Diego says: “…as long as myself and others are disrespected, invalidated, unsafe and ignored by the masses, my experiences, ideas, and opinions need to be heard.” Despite all of the obstacles, let’s show the world that solidarity is rising and that together, we too will rise.

*While we understand that oppression, injustice, inequality, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and stereotypes are maddening, we ask you to channel that anger into art and into action. We want to focus on what we can accomplish together, not on the negativity of failing to do so. As such, we ask that you refrain from using profanity in your submissions.

Registration is Open!

Join us for three days of Learning, Strategizing, Connecting and Creating through: Full-day Pre-Conference Intensives; Front Porch Conversations; A Call to Solidarity Strategy Sessions; Deep Dive Learning Opportunities; Innovation in Motion Sessions, and visit our, Un-Exhibit Hall and Self-Care Room.

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Rise In Solidarity Together.

Change Maker, Trail Blazer, Champion, Innovator, Advocate, Ally – which are you? Support the advancement of healing, opportunity and justice for girls and young women by sponsoring the In Solidarity conference.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, contact Holly Weems-Ladd at Holly@NationalCrittenton.org or, 503.297.2217.

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