In the Spring of 2014, The National Crittenton Foundation connected with Dr. Roy Wade through the Stoneleigh Foundation; an initial call that would impact TNCF’s ACE work forever.

Later that year, the Crittenton family of agencies had a chance to hear him present and were fascinated by his work and appreciative for his insight on how The National Crittenton Foundation and the family of agencies might proceed differently with the second implementation of the ACE questionnaire. The National Crittenton Foundation and the Crittenton family of agencies began working with Dr. Wade on a more comprehensive ACE survey that included three well-being domains that would be measured by some of the family of agencies. We are now in the final stages of collecting our ACE data and are eagerly awaiting analysis. Working with Dr. Wade has been very beneficial. We could go on about why, but we’ll let the Philadelphia Inquirer article below speak to why we work with Dr. Roy Wade.

Learn more about Dr. Roy Wade and his ACE work at the Cobbs Creek Primary Care Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Learn more about our Supporting Girls to Thrive ACE work.