Launching a new website is always an arduous and yet exciting process. It forces us to take stock of our history as well as look toward to the future.

Since re-inventing itself in 2007, The National Crittenton Foundation (TNCF) launched three updated website versions including our newest, which launches this week. Each included a brand refresh culminating in this new one, which reflects a more sharpened organizational focus and streamlined set of strategies to advance the needs and potential of girls and young women living on the edge of the American Dream. Each iteration of the website has marked a step in the process of moving form being “a century old best kept secret” to regaining the national positioning and voice TNCF established in the late 1800’s and for much of the 1900’s.

At each step in our re-invention, the experiences of the girls, young women and women who walk through the doors of the Crittenton family of agencies have played an increasingly powerful role. Similarly, the challenges, innovation and trends experienced by the 26 members of the Crittenton family of agencies continue to ground and shape TNCF’s national work and priorities. Additionally, strategic partnerships enable us to leverage our work through mutually beneficial efforts directed toward achieving shared goals.

No where is this more evident than in our relationships with key funders who have invested financial and human resources in supporting girls and young women who face significant barriers not of their own making. Thus, as we launch our new site propelling us to the next level of growth, we thank the Walmart Foundation for their investment in our potential.

The support from the Walmart Foundation in 2011 provided pass through funding to Crittenton agencies that increased their capacity in the areas of health and nutrition, academic achievement and job readiness and career development. Additionally, it provided TNCF with the opportunity to connect directly with young women and women who were currently or had formerly been involved with Crittenton agencies. Out of these connections grew TNCF’s We are not invisible survivor advocacy effort and the development of the innovative BOLD (bridging opportunity, love and determination) Program, which includes the BOLD Society app set to launch in June 2015.

The generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has made it possible for us to actualize the vision of the BOLD Program as created by eight women ranging in age from 18-35 through their investment in the BOLD Society app. The launch of the app will also mark another transition for TNCF as it combines cutting edge technology with tried and true person-to-person relationships to ensure that young women and women leaving Crittenton agencies have the support they need to thrive. In short, the Walmart Foundation grant was a tipping point for The National Crittenton Foundation and set the stage for where we are today.