TNCF and the Crittenton family of agencies has been working diligently for more than 130 years to ensure that the needs and potential of girls and young women who have faced adversity and survived violence have the supports they need to heal and thrive.

But the reality is that because they live at the intersection of racism, sexism and classism they remain invisible and marginalized. While this seems to be changing it is imperative that we never miss the opportunity to call the question when girls are left out of the conversation! To that end, much thanks to our partner the Human Right Project for speaking out and reminding the President about the girls! Read more here An Open Letter to President Obama: Please Visit Our Girls Behind Bars Too.

Also don’t miss the recent report released by the Human Rights Project for Girls, Ms. Foundation for Women, and Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality on the , The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls’ Story.